Solar air conditioning on ice

“IceBear 30” units from the company Ice Energy can eliminate up to 5,000 kg of CO2 per year, according to themselves


“This is transforming commercial air conditioning load into a clean and flexible grid resource”.
The benefits should amongst others be
  • Efficient: Reduces peak cooling load by 95% and delivers 100% round-trip efficiency.
  • Reliable and cost-effective: Resigned to last 20 years, each unit only requires a one hour annual maintenance procedure.
  • Easy to install: Integrates seamlessly with packaged or split HVAC units
  • Green: Lowers CO2 emissions by up to 5,000 kilo per unit per year without generating any hazardous waste.

IceBear eliminates the need in peak hours to turn to fossil fuel-burning additions gas peaker plants. Furthermore, using solar or wind energy, it can store the energy as ice directly as “cold”, which is much cheaper as in a temporary medium like a battery. With technology like this is it possible to use solar energy to chill whatever during nights in large scale and by this to go 100% on solar/wind for chilling on large scale.

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