System One

My first photovoltaic system

Inspired by the possibility of endless electricity and cleaner energy, has driven me to invest in a photovoltaic system. The picture to the left shows the test of the components. The selection of components is actually time consuming as you have to find the parts with the right specifications for your selected size of system. And again defining the size of your system the first time is also very time consuming. Be very careful with the amperes, as they can burn your house down. Please know something about this before starting it. Depending you your wallet, can there be many thoughts needed for converting to a photovoltaic system. You may consider heating your shower water with gas instead of electrically etc. – also, maybe, using the washing machine during sun-time. To get wise on this, you need a lot of time – and a mind to juggle with a lot of details.

Consisting of

  • Panels: 4 x 250W, 12V
  • Charger: 60A
  • Batteries: 2 x 200AH, 12V from U-power
  • Inverter: 1500W/3000W from DoPower (don’t by this model/brand)


  • Turntable for mounting the panels
  • A box for the batteries, charger and inverter

The Turntable

This is a “hand made” turntable for mounting the panels. This got somehow expensive, seen with ROI eyes, but I simply burned for trying it out. The cheaper alternative is a fixed mounting.

Further videos on YouTube

Duration 3:34

Duration: 7:02