The turntable

The idea with the turntable is of course to harvest more electricity in the morning and evening. I have a realistic expectation that this pays of – especially in winter time where the sun could get more rare.

And just to show how easy it goes, here a video that shows how easy it turns. Duration: 1:12.


The construction

The two base plates are 1.20 m x 1.20 m and 3 cm thick. The wood is special good for a wet environment

– and because of that actually too expensive for this project.




Because of the 3 cm thick plates, could I maybe have used only 3 wheels, but the insanity of getting a good and solid work drove me to place 6. – I hate if things don’t last.



The center ball joint; Actually a half big wheel for transport boxes.

I have removed the wheel and got a machine shop to mount a plate instead of the wheel.

In this way it became a solid ball joint for centering the two plates.




On the other side of the plate with center ball joint, are two relatively small lists. The 5/6cm screws from the ball joint ends up in these two lists. This makes the ball joint solid fixed – and the two lists also.




Here two of the wheels and the center ball joint between the two plates.



Putting screws in the center ball joint to fix it to the bottom plates lying on the ground.



An long extension to reach all down to the screws.




The center ball joint in big – and from the side



– and 90 degrees to the other side.



The two 1.70 m long and 45 cm high center plates are on next.







As I use two plates, each of length 1.70 m, instead of one large 3.40 m

for the vertical center, I join and fix the plates to the center bottom via the “small” vertical” lists.

They again have screws inside from the rotating center ball joint to the bottom plate.

Again; pilot holes to make the screws go in – this time only needed for making it easier to put the screws in,

as the wood don’t split from this angle.




How it looks with the long plates mounted




As I’m using laminated wood, and putting some screws sidewards into the plates, you have to be aware!:

– If you don’t drill a pilot hole before putting the screws in,

you will end up splitting the wood if you go in from the edge of the plates




Here have the vertical center plates got some support to make them rock solid in this direction.



The screws from top and from the other side.



Screws at the foot if the triangle.




The latest state – from which I already have diverged …

– And there is still missing the joints to the lists holding the solar panels.